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Looking for proficient account managers!
Full-time positions only!
Work with amazing entrepreneurs based in the UK, USA, Australia, etc.
Rate: 3 GBP per hour*
More on Salary
💸*Around $3.7 USD depending on exchange rate
💸Realistic minimum 500 GBP ($620 USD equivalent) per month
💸Opportunities for overtime – some existing team members regularly make around $1000 USD a month


Being able to help others gives you purpose. You don’t hesitate to go the extra mile. You are a proud Filipino and a strong believer that the work ethic of Filipinos is exceptional. It is something that the world should know.
You are very eager to help your fellow Filipinos find work-from-home careers as you understand the feeling of having an amazing, dynamic and engaging career with flexible working hours. At the same time, making a genuine difference through helping your overwhelmed international clients find more time freedom, accelerate their business success, and release stress by getting the right Filipino VA, gives you a great sense of achievement. Seeing them succeed and knowing you played a key role in their success feels extremely rewarding.
You LOVE interacting with clients and building authentic, valuable relationships with them. You’re excited to get to know them personally, their goals and their pain points. This is incredible because you get to help them solve their problems and achieve their objectives. You do not shy away from alpha personalities and challenging situations, seeing these as an opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills and make a valuable impact.
Relationship management is a challenging role that requires a mix of hard and soft skills. It involves problem-solving, communication, negotiation and strategic thinking. The complexity of the job makes it exciting and keeps you engaged. As a relationship manager you get to learn new things every day. You learn about different industries, businesses and people. You learn about new products and services, keeping you up to date with industry trends and developments.
You are highly organized, a quick thinker and ready to handle unexpected situations; and are confident enough with your skills to know that you will eventually solve all of them. However, you are also apathetic enough to accept that there are things that are out of your control and you do not dwell on them negatively, instead, you move forward and think of ways to keeping improving and delivering to an exceptional standard.
You are naturally a ball of sunshine that your energy radiates and provides positivity to the people you communicate with, regardless of who they are and where they are from. You like encouraging people and making them feel good about themselves.
You strongly believe that the number one requirement in any relationship is communication, and you make sure that you never lack in that aspect. You ensure that clients are always kept up to date so they NEVER have to chase you. Time is also very important to you as you really value a person’s time and you love to work smart.
Lastly, you are committed, you don’t give up easily and you understand fully that this is what you want to do and enjoy doing, which makes it easier for you to commit 100% to this role.
Full-Time (Flexible Hours)
You can set your own hours but you will need to be available to speak to UK clients on a regular basis.
Important to know:
📌This is a full-time role so you should not have another full/part time job as this is a hands-on, immersive role
📌You do not need previous WFH experience
📌We’re looking for client excellence – it is desirable to have a solid background in client services, events, hospitality or other client-facing roles
📌Immediate start
📌Long-term view. We’re looking for people who are serious about staying/growing with our business.


✅ ​Client relationship management
​✅ Basic system support for clients
✅ ​VA relationship management
​✅ Checking VA applications
✅ ​Shortlisting VA candidates for various businesses
​✅ Monitoring Client-VA work relationships
✅ ​Email and calendar management


✅ Excellent verbal and written English
✅ Desirable – customer service / BPO / hospitality industry experience
​✅ Great at building rapport – LOVES talking with people
​✅ Proactive, enthusiastic self-starter
✅ Excellent problem-solving skills
​✅ Strong attention to detail
​✅ Amazing organisational and administration skills
✅ ​Committed – looking for a long-term position
​✅ Loves working with a team


📌 Please apply only once. If you have already submitted an application form for another position, please do not submit another form. Any additional submissions will be automatically tagged as invalid.
📌 Our application will include submission of requirements and a few trial tasks. Please block off some time to prepare and complete these before starting the form. We recommend saving the URL to this page so you can come back when you’re ready.
📌 ​TIP: Read through the questions in the form first to know what you need to prepare before filling out the form. Please be on a PC or a laptop before proceeding with your application.
📌 ​Your minimum internet speed should be 10 mbps and your PC specs should be at least Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and have 4GB RAM (at the minimum).
📌 DON’T HESITATE! No VA experience is required!