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As a Marketing Manager your primary  focus is on managing community engagement, ad management, social media presence, and Amazon outreach.
Work Hours:

⭐ 10-20 hours per week
⭐ Fixed schedule 
⭐ Pacific Time
⭐4-8 USD per hour​


Key Responsibilities: 

Community Management: 

  • Foster a positive and engaging community atmosphere through regular interaction and communication on Instagram and TikTok  
  • Monitor and respond to community inquiries, comments, and feedback on social media platforms and other online forums  
  • Support in organization of giveaways  
  • Reach out to existing customers to thank them  
  • Survey customers 

Social Media Management: 

  • Develop and implement social media strategies to increase brand awareness and audience engagement  
  • Congregate engaging social media post ideas into a brief for designer / provide outline of copy and visual reference that I will take and rewrite + design  
  • Create/manage social calendar  
  • Research hashtags  
  • Find relevant content to repost  
  • Engage with other social accounts  
  • Answer DMs and categorize them  
  • Ensure all social content aligns with the company's brand and values  
  • Analyze social media metrics and provide regular reports to track performance and identify areas for improvement  
  • Bonus: create relevant reels and content 

Ad Management: 

  • Help run ads on Meta and Pinterest  
  • Test audiences  
  • Monitor campaign performance  
  • Make suggestions and insights into performance  
  • Ideate on new ad concepts  
  • Research competitor ads 

Manage Giveaways: 

  • Identify other brands to partner with 
  • Organize Giveaway 

Amazon Community Management: 

  • Find influencer storefronts to be featured on and reach out to those people 
  • Made Amazon social posts (can be reused from Instagram) 

Manage Influencer/Affiliate Community: 

  • Find and communicate with influencers via Social Cat or native platforms 
  • Send product 
  • Manage delivery of content 


  • Set up and manage workflows 
  • Manage Email Campaigns calendar 


  • Proven experience in community management  
  • Great understanding of social media  
  • Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills  
  • Strong written communication skills  
  • Proficiency in social media management tools and email organization systems  
  • Ability to work independently  
  • Creativity in developing engaging content strategies 


📌 Please apply only once. If you have already submitted an application form for another position, please do not submit another form. Any additional submissions will be automatically tagged as invalid.
📌 Our application will include submission of requirements and a few trial tasks. Please block off some time to prepare and complete these before starting the form. We recommend saving the URL to this page so you can come back when you’re ready.
📌 ​TIP: Read through the questions in the form first to know what you need to prepare before filling out the form. Please be on a PC or a laptop before proceeding with your application.
📌 ​Your minimum internet speed should be 10 mbps and your PC specs should be at least Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and have 4GB RAM (at the minimum).
📌 DON’T HESITATE! No VA experience is required!