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Work with a company that offers bespoke service to find the most suitable finance solutions that are right for their clients. They specialise in property finance and are experts in Commercial Mortgages, Bridging Loans, Development Finance and HMO Mortgages.

​As an Admin and Customer Service VA, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless flow of administrative processes while delivering exceptional customer service. Your meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach will contribute to the success of our company.
Work Hours:

⭐ Part-time
⭐ 25 hours per week to start
⭐ UK hours 
⭐ ​​3 GBP per hour


  •  Help clients achieve success: Guide clients through the application process, assisting them in completing forms and meeting requirements.
  • Coordinate effectively: Communicate with clients via phone and email to facilitate the smooth processing of applications.
  • Oversee applications: Ensure each application is handled with precision and efficiency, maintaining a keen eye for accuracy.
  • Maintain organized records: Update and manage the client database, filing systems, and records to guarantee easy accessibility and retrieval.
  • Compliance champion: Assist in ensuring the company's adherence to government regulations, contributing to our commitment to excellence.
  • Social media engagement: Contribute to our online presence by posting engaging content on various social media platforms.


  • Excellent communication skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with clients and team members.
  • Attention to details: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy in document handling and processing.
  • Organized and proactive: Ability to stay organized in a dynamic environment and take initiative to address tasks efficiently.Experience with tools: Proficient in using MS Office, CRM systems, Buffer, Facebook, and LinkedIn for effective communication and organization.


  • Please apply only once. If you have already submitted an application form for another position, please do not submit another form. Any additional submissions will be automatically tagged as invalid.
  • Our application will include submission of requirements and a few trial tasks. Please block off some time to prepare and complete these before starting the form. We recommend saving the URL to this page so you can come back when you’re ready.
  • TIP: Read through the questions in the form first to know what you need to prepare before filling out the form. Please be on a PC or a laptop before proceeding with your application.
  • Your minimum internet speed should be 10 mbps and your PC specs should be at least Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and have 4GB RAM (at the minimum).
  • DON’T HESITATE! No VA experience is required!